Feylon is the godess (or Mother) of life. She created all living things on Evandor including plants, animals and all races of life.

So it goes…

Feylon was originally an aspect of compassion inside of Eru the decider. He created her when he felt the urge within him to not give up on Evandor when he was frustrated by being unable to create life worthy of the world. He pulled this urge out and formed Feylon.

She was rarely seen my mortal eyes before her disappearance, but was seen mostly as a flower-like being or aroung six feet. Green skinned with yellow pedals for hair. She often leaves trails of glowing blue particles in her wake, like leaves falling off a branch.


She went about creating all life on Evandor for centuries before experimenting with the creation of her most prized creatures, those of magic or “Fey.” Her first sentient race was the Pixies, after which she began to populate the world with many such intelligent races of all different sizes, shades and general outlooks.

She also notable created the Angels for Eru. In return for this, Eru crafted a floating paradise named Feylor, where it is assumed she created a home.

After creating many new races, she found herself overwhelmed in seeing to the development of each race. She turned to Eru for help. In return he created the Demigods for her.

Feylon is the only divine creature that speaks with Eru on a fairly regular basis. Eru never directly interacts with the mortals and seldomly speaks to the demigods, leaving them to Feylon.

With the races being cared for, she turned her attention to all of the smaller races and animals, occasionally gathering her demigods together to discuss development and settle disputes. Most demigods were willing and pleased to follow the concepts and plans Feylon had laid, but a few demigods began to doubt Feylons wisdom, disliking the decisions Feylon made for their people.

Eru learned of this displeasure and open rebellion, condemning portions of their races to other realms, smiting many or cursing them in various ways. The few demigods that has shown displeasure were humbled by this show of force and, for a time, they obeyed their mother.

Feylon has not been seen since 0AA and assumed to have disappeared with the rest of the demigods, though people still rumor to see her in forests, swamps or glowing in the darkness far from civilized places. Many have tried to reach Feylor in search of her, but none have yet succeeded.

Feylon recently was sighted on the Hellfyre islands. She was briefly reborn before being killed in the cataclysm. When she died, she left behind a handful of seeds.


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